The heavy universal bed milling machine offers wide guides and high drive power for superior cutting performance, and with its extensive equipment is ideally suited for plant and machine construction. The heavy vertical milling head can be swiveled to the right and left, the quill can be moved manually, and the spindle speed can be continuously adjusted. The feed in the Y- and X-axes can be varied using a robust gearbox. All axes have rapid traverse and the large clamping table offers plenty of space for workpieces and clamping devices.

  • Large work area
  • Swiveling vertical cutter head
  • Infinitely variable feed
  • Extensive standard equipment
Table set up area 55 in x 16 in
Number of T-slots 3 positions
T-slots, width 0.7 in
T-slots, spacing 3.9 in
Spindle axis-to-table surface distance 5.91 in – 25.59 in
Speed height-adjustment (max.) 65.75 in/min


Travel X-axis 37.4 in
Travel Y-axis 16 in
Travel Z-axis 20 in


Spindle speed (vertical) 30 rpm – 1.800 rpm
Throat 20 in
Spindle mount ISO 50
Quill stroke 4 in
Head swivel range ± 45°


Rapid feed X-axis 65.75 in/min
Rapid feed Y-axis 65.75 in/min
Rapid feed Z-axis 65.75 in/min


Feed speed X-axis-stages 9
Feed speed X-axis 0.7087 in/min – 24.685 in/min
Feed speed Y-axis-stages 9
Feed speed Y-axis 1 in/min – 25 in/min
Feed speed Z-axis 0.7087 in/min – 24.685 in/min


Motor rating main drive 10.1 Hp
Motor rating Z-axis 1.01 Hp
Motor rating feed 1 Hp
Motor rating coolant pump 0.1 Hp


Overall dimensions (length x width x height)-height 91 in x 70 in x 84 in
Weight 8.052 lbs
Flow rate, coolant pump 3 gal/min
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