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Supply Chain Management & Production Support

Machine Techs goal is to become a versatile supplier for all your manufacturing and production needs. Our technical service and engineering approach as a supplier allows our customers to mitigate downtime and sustain growth. In addition, our highly trained procurement experts provide immediate cost savings on consumables and parts. In addition, our knowledge of a variety of CNC and Industrial Machinery ensures smart and stable growth when the time comes.

Supplier & Support Capabilities:

  • Industrial Electromechanical Components
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic solenoid valves etc.
  • Industrial Motors, Servo Drives/Motors, VFDs, PLCs (Repair, Replace & Upgraded Options)
  • Manufacturing, Fabrication and Production Machinery Sales, Service & Support
  • Machine Qualification, Inspections, Safety and Downtime Mitigation Assessment
  • CNC and Industrial Machine Tooling Work Holding + Accessories
  • Machine Upgrades & Retrofits (Pay over time terms)
  • Machine Consumables, Coolants, Grease and Oils
  • Mechanical & Electrical Inspection Tools
  • Outside Contractor and Vendor Price Auditing
  • Contact Us – Mill Lathe Bandsaw Repair – CNC Machine Repair Services
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