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Welcome to Machine Techs, your trusted partner for comprehensive CNC, industrial machinery, and industrial automation services based in Tomball, Texas. Founded in

2015, our expertise spans from rapid emergency repairs to CNC machine sales,
specialized parts sourcing, industrial automation, and machine retrofits. Our mission is
to empower our clients to meet crucial deadlines and elevate their business

CNC & Industrial Machine Sales: Searching for top-tier CNC machines for sale in
Tomball, Texas?

Machine Techs offers an extensive selection of new and used machines, tailored to
accommodate any budget and production scale. Our machines undergo stringent
quality testing, complete with full installation and 24/7 customer support, so you can
focus on maximizing your productivity.

Industrial Automation and Machine Retrofits: Expand your capabilities with our
cutting-edge industrial automation services and machine retrofit solutions.

Our engineering team specializes in customizing and modernizing machinery to improve efficiency, precision, and output. Whether you’re looking to automate manual processes or upgrade legacy systems, we have the engineering expertise to deliver a solution that aligns with your operational goals.

Machine Parts and Consumables: Having difficulty locating a specific machine component?

Machine Techs is proficient in sourcing rare, hard-to-find, and legacy parts to ensure
your operations continue without a hitch. Should a part prove elusive, our skilled
engineers are capable of reverse-engineering both electrical and mechanical
components to minimize any operational downtime.

Why Choose Machine Techs in Tomball, Texas?

Comprehensive CNC, Industrial Machine, and Automation Solutions
Specialized in Machine Retrofits and Industrial Automation

  • High-Quality Machine Testing and Installation Services
  • Expertise in Sourcing Rare and Legacy Machine Parts
  • 24/7 Exceptional Customer Support

By choosing Machine Techs, you’re investing in a versatile and innovative team that
brings unparalleled workmanship and engineering expertise to every project.

Allow us to help your business reach new heights in efficiency, precision, and profitability. Contact us today for tailor-made solutions for all your CNC, industrial machinery, and automation needs.

Machine Sales

Machine Techs is a non-exclusive supplier of new and used machines. Our goal is to provide appropriate solutions tailored to your budgetary and production needs. All machines purchased through Machine Techs undergo qualifications and include installation and support.

Parts & Consumables

Our responsive procurement team has the unique ability to source hard to find and obsolete parts. In the instance your part is unavailable or procurement timelines are outside your required schedule, our engineering specialists are capable of reverse engineering virtually any electrical or mechanical parts and components: Getting your operation back up and running when your production is on the line.


In addition to our vast sales offerings, Machine Techs continues to provide comprehensive suite of services including:

Preventative Maintenance & Qualifications

Rebuilds & Retrofits

On-site Emergency Troubleshooting & Repairs

24 Hour Remote Electro-Mechanical Support

Automation & Production Consulting

For immediate quotes and consultations

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