CNC Preventive Maintenance Programs

CNC & Industrial Machine PM Qualifications

The goal of a Machine Preventive Maintenance Program is to reduce downtime & increase efficiency. Furthermore, the program reduces costs over time by extending the life of your machine hours. Our CNC machine and industrial machine preventive maintenance program will ensure your industrial machines are always operating at peak performance.

Preventive Maintenance Machine Types

  • CNC Mill Preventive Maintenance
  • CNC Lathe Preventive Maintenance
  • CNC VTL Preventive Maintenance
  • CNC HBM Preventive Maintenance
  • CNC Router Preventive Maintenance
  • CNC Plasma Preventive Maintenance
  • CNC Bandsaw Preventive Maintenance

Why invest in a preventive maintenance program? It’s simple, a lack of lubrication or unresolved backlash can turn a small issue into huge one. You likely already know this, big CNC or industrial machine issues can cost your company a LOT of money. Sadly, many issues could of been prevented with proper maintenance.

Now, not all industrial maintenance programs cover your industrial equipment needs. This is a major problem for companies that are running machines. We knew we needed to address it. Due to this, our team decided to develop a specific program that matches your budget & production needs, a real custom solution.

Similarly, our team performs in depth qualifications that exceed potential audit requirements. In support, we offer you free quotes on all PM & Qualification Programs. In addition, we offer highly discounted yearly contracts on all CNC Machine, Bandsaws & Manual Machinery.


Precision CNC Machine Leveling


  • Precision Measurements within .0005”/.0127mm of all axis plus, tool holding, part holding/support toolchangers etc..
  • Accuracy recording of backlash, repeatability, parallelism, run-out and centering
  • Quality Analysis Report includes actual vs ideal tolerance per machine spec and probable electromechanical factors contributing to any discovered inaccuracies

MECHANICAL- inspection of ways, way covers, gearboxes, lubrication, hydraulics etc.

ELECTRICAL- Vibration analysis, Electrical load and voltage balance testing

PERFORMANCE- toolchanges, homing, dry-runs, coolant testing (PH levels)

Choosing Your Machine Preventative Maintenance Program

Machine Preventative Maintenance Programs range from Annually, bi-annually or quarterly. Quantity discounts are applied to bi-annual and quarterly options. Quantity discounts are available based on the number of machines per contract. A PDF Checklist and analysis report includes downtime & cost mitigation tips. In addition, the report has suggested repairs and spare parts. Finally, all PM reports come with pictures, videos and a safety assessment.

Without a doubt, our industry leading electrical and mechanical qualification reports will meet your clients audit requirements.For example, we qualify and maintain 5-axis CNC machines for one of the largest turbine producers in the world. We take pride in American Manufacturing Quality and will always strive to progress quality assurance.Once again, contact us today and receive a free quote on any Machine Preventative Maintenance Program.


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