Manual Mill & Manual Lathe Repair Service

Mill Repair & Lathe Service

Our manual mill & manual lathe mechanics has years of experience offering Mill Repair & Lathe Services. In addition, our mechanics can service virtually any industrial machine including grinders, drill press, punch press and more. Furthermore, we can provide immediate quotes to perform complete rebuilds on any industrial gearbox, mill head, lathe carriages etc..

Secondly, customers are welcome to bring or ship any mechanical gearbox, mill head or hydraulic cylinder to our facility. Upon evaluation, our team will diagnose and send a quote quickly back with suggestions & pricing.

Thirdly, our mechanical and electrical engineering team can provide retrofit packages to add VFDs and controller packages to virtually any Mill, lathe or industrial machine.


Here are just a few examples of industrial machines we have Serviced or Upgraded:


    • Pricing immediately available for all standard Mills and lathes (store coming soon)

    • Installation pricing available

    • Engineering pricing available for specialized industrial machines etc…


X-axis scale is mounted off the back of the carriage so there is no interference with the tailstock. Both L-channel mounts effectively protect the scales from impact, fluid & debris. For my particular setup, the lathe is still the same distance from the wall as before the scale addition.

DRO is mounted onto wall. Its location positions the DRO away from any cutting fluid spray. When the X-axis scale is set to the diameter mode, its far left decimal is on. The tachometer is indicating 637 RPM on the Z2 display.

The auxiliary port must be first set to ON in setup, then tachometer & SFM are activated using Functions 7 & 8, respectively.

Scales directions & polarities must be correctly defined in the DRO setup for several of the functions to work properly.

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