Welcome to Machine Techs: Your Trusted Partner for
Machinery Solutions

Machine Techs is your go-to source for comprehensive machinery services across the Southern
United States, including Houston, Austin, Little Rock, Memphis, and more. With dedicated teams in
Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, we’ve earned a reputation as the premier choice for
precision machinery solutions. Our commitment to technical excellence and precision is unmatched.

Bandsaw Repair & Maintenance: Ensure Longevity and Precision

Extend the life and precision of your bandsaw with our expert bandsaw repair and maintenance services.

Mill & Lathe Repair Services: Swift and Effective Solutions

When your mill or lathe requires attention, trust our specialized repair services for quick and effective solutions.

CNC Router Repair & Upgrades: Enhanced Performance

Enhance the performance of your CNC router with our repair and performance-enhancing upgrade services.

Machinery Automation & Upgrades: Unlock Efficiency

Unlock operational efficiency with tailored machinery automation and upgrade solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Manual Mill + Lathe Rebuilds & Refurbishment: Revitalize Your Machinery

Revitalize your manual mills and lathes with our comprehensive rebuild and refurbishment services.

Bandsaw Refurbishing & Upgrades: Elevate Capability

Elevate your bandsaws’ capabilities with cutting-edge refurbishing and performance upgrades.

Digital Read-out Packages for Sale: Precision Measurement Tools

Explore our range of precision measurement tools, including digital read-out packages available for sale.

Way Lube Pumps, Coolant, Hydraulic Motor Pumps for Sale: Optimize

Optimize machine maintenance with our high-quality way lube pumps, coolant systems, and hydraulic
motor pumps available for sale.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinder Rebuilds: Reliability and Performance

Ensure the reliability and performance of your hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with our expert rebuilding services.

Maintenance Training & Consultation: Empower Your Team

Empower your team with essential technical skills through our comprehensive maintenance training and expert consultation services.

Industrial Automation Engineering: Streamline Processes

Streamline your manufacturing processes with our advanced industrial automation engineering solutions.

PLC & Production-Line Repair Maintenance: Minimize Downtime

Minimize downtime with our technical expertise in expert programmable logic controller (PLC) repairs and production-line maintenance.

Machinery Sales & Offerings: Precision and Performance

Discover our range of machinery sales offerings, including new manual mills, lathes, bandsaws, CNC mills, and lathes, all designed to meet the highest technical standards for precision and performance.

New Machinery Sales: Upgrade Your Equipment

Explore our inventory of new machinery for sale, including precision-engineered manual machines designed for top-notch performance.

New Manual Mills & Lathes: Precision and Reliability

Upgrade your manual milling and lathe capabilities with our new equipment offerings, built to the highest technical standards for precision and reliability.

Advanced Bandsaws Offerings: Cutting Performance

Explore our selection of advanced bandsaws, engineered for technical excellence in cutting performance.

CNC Mills & Lathes: Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay at the forefront of CNC technology with our latest technical offerings for enhanced manufacturing. Our new CNC mills and lathes are designed to meet the highest technical standards.

CNC Router Retrofits and Parts: Enhanced CNC Performance

Elevate your CNC routers technical performance with our retrofits and high-quality parts, including spindle upgrades, PC upgrades, and control system retrofits.
Machine Techs is committed to providing top-notch machinery solutions to businesses across the Southern United States. Whether you’re situated in bustling cities or serene landscapes, our specialized teams are here to cater to your machinery needs. Explore our comprehensive offerings, from machinery sales to maintenance training, and experience a new level of efficiency and performance in your niche location. Contact us today to learn how we can optimize your machinery and drive your business forward.
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