Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

In today’s Machining industry preventative maintenance is a necessity. Preventative maintenance can prevent an inferior product. It can also help to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary down time.

Many costly repairs to machine tools can be avoided by preventative maintenance. A lack of lubrication and a multitude of other problems could cause your machine tool to be seriously damaged if left unnoticed.

A PM Program from Machine Techs can help you catch these issues early before they turn into larger more costly problems.

We offer more than just fluid changes. Our team of technicians is trained to assess taper and backlash and make adjustments accordingly.

Your machine will undergo an in-depth inspection process; upon completion, you will be provided with a detailed report.

We offer a variety of PM programs and our services can be performed quarterly, bi annually and annually.

Here are just a few things that our preventative maintenance programs can offer.


  • Checking and maintaining lube levels
  • Checking and maintaining Hydraulic fluids
  • Check your machine’s leveling and adjust accordingly
  • Check your headstock and tailstock taper
  • Check for backlash
  • Cleaning filters
  • Check way covers for damage and lubrication


If you need to contact us to set up your specialized preventative maintenance package.
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