PLC + Motor Controls

PLC Machine Techs doesn’t just repair CNC machines. We have the ability to troubleshoot your PLCs and a variety of issues in the automation industry overall.

Issues with your PLCs can cause your machines to behave erratically; with large groups of systems experiencing failure.

Alternatively, problems that you might interpret as a PLC issue could actually be a problem with the external systems.

Our technicians are experienced in both scenarios and can help to identify what your problem actually is.

Is your machine located in an area that has high temperatures or high humidity? These conditions can cause your motor controls to become damaged over time.

Machine Techs can assist you in countering these conditions and in turn improve the longevity of your controller.

Maybe your controller doesn’t have the proper voltage levels or isn’t properly grounded. Perhaps your PLC is experiencing electro-magnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). This can be fixed by properly shielding the controller from these elements.

Motor controls are present in a variety of fields. If you are in food processing or are in need of repair for automation of conveyor systems we can help!

We have the software and expertise needed to analyze and troubleshoot a range of different PLC and motor control systems.


PLC and Motor Controls:

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